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Hola friends! Month of March is coming and that is giving us one of the best feelings of world because March comes with St. Patrick's day. Yes, we like it. Actually we love it and that is the reason behind this article. We have created this article in accordance with the celebration of St Patrick's Day. 

St Patricks Day Images 2020

We have tried to cover details about Saint Patrick for Patrick's day celebration. We have also tried to collect the history of St Patrick's Day. In the later section of this article, we have also picked some good happy St Patricks day images and St Patricks day pictures to celebrate the day. So let's get started.

Happy St Patricks Day Images Pictures Photos Pics GIF Wallpapers

What is St Patrick's Day

St Patrick's day is a christian, ethnic and national day which is celebrated annually on 17th March. It is the cultural and religious celebration in the remembrance of Patron Saint of Ireland. The official name of the celebration day is Saint Patrick's day. But it is also known by some other names like Feast of Saint Patrick, Patrick's Day, Paddy's Day and Patty's Day. 

The celebration of St Patrick's day is observed by European countries of the world specially Ireland. Other European countries like England, Malta, Russia, Scotland, Switzerland also celebrates this lovely day.

Other countries like United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Brazil, Argentine, New Zealand and Australia also celebrates this great day with great enthusiasm and spirit.

Some of the Asian countries like Japan, Korea and Malaysia also celebrates the saint paddy's day.

When is Saint Patrick's Day 2020

Patrick's day is celebrated on traditional death date of saint Patrick or saint paddy. In 2020, Patrick's day is coming on Tuesday. So Patrick's day celebration is going to be more fun for sure.

How St. Patrick's Day is celebrated

Patrick's day celebration is very traditional Irish kind celebration which covers attending parades, wearing the shamrocks, wearing green clothes and drinking the Irish beer and Irish whiskey.

St Patrick's day history 

Till now we have looked in basic and formal details of Saint Patrick's day, now it is time to get into history of St Patrick's Day celebration and to gain knowledge about Saint Patrick.

Saint Patrick was bishop in Romano - British Christian missionary in 5th century. Patrick was born in rich family in Roman Britain during the fourth century. He was son of deacon father and grandson of priest of Christian church.

When he was 16, he was kidnapped at took away by the raiders as a slave. He lived with them for around six years and worked with them as shepherd. This is the time he found god. Then Patrick return to Ireland and became priest.

History says that Patrick died on 17th March and was buried at Down Patrick. Over the following centuries, there were many saints in Ireland but Patrick was the center among all.

Happy St Patricks Day Images Pictures Photos Pics GIF Wallpapers

Now we have all the details about Saint Patrick day, it's tradition. history and celebration. So in this section, to boost up the celebration of St Patrick's day, we have collected some beautiful happy st patricks day images for you. 

You can use them to wish happy st patricks day to your friends, family and loved ones. We have also included St patricks day pictures photos and pics for you to bring the joy of celebration to the next level. 

You can also use st patricks day gif if you want to bring the animated text in wishes to double the joy of celebration. We have more than 15 Patrick's Day images collection for you.

happy st patricks day images







happy st patricks day images

st patricks day images

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Conclusion: So this was the article about happy saint patricks day and we wish that you have liked this post. Do not forget to share this article with your loved ones to double the joy of great saint patrick's day.
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