Holi Celebration in India | How Holi is celebrated in various places of India

Holi Celebration in India: Happy Holi 2021 is on 28th March and we love to celebrate Holi, the festival of color. People in India and Nepal celebrate Holi with great excitement and enthusiasm. 

Holi Celebration in India

India is a very big country and has 28 states and 8 Union territories within it and that covers huge areas and people. So Holi celebration has its own flavor and has a special celebration at various places.

We have shared many details in the essay on Holi and the History of Holi, now it is time to see the Holi celebration tradition all over India and all over the world. So let's check them.

Holi Celebration in India

As discussed earlier, India has 28 states and most of them have their way to do a celebration of Holi festival. In this section, we are telling you about how the Holi celebration occurs in various parts and various states of India.

Holi Celebration in Gujarat

In Gujarat, the Holi celebration occurs for two days. The first day is known as Holi while the other day of the Holi celebration is known as Dhuleti. 

Holi Celebration in Gujarat

On the evening of Holi, programs of Holika Dahan occur at various places with coconuts and corn are burn in the fire. While on the day of Dhuleti, the sprinkling colors are sprayed to each other.

In some places of Gujarat, especially in undivided Hindu families, a married woman beats her brother-in-law by rolled Sari or dupattas and tries to drench him with colors while in return, brother-in-law brings sweets and gifts for her in the evening.

At Dwarka temple, various religious and musical programs are organized for the Holi celebration. Krishna was settled in Dwarka and that is the reason it is a very special place for Gujarat. 

At some places, pots of buttermilk are hanged up to the streets. Boys make pyramids and try to steal the buttermilk while girls stop them from doing so by throwing colored water on them.

Holi Celebration in Odisha

In Odisha, the Holi celebration is concentrated on Dola and Abira. Dola is celebrated on the day of Holi. In this celebration, the icons of Krishna and Radha are replaced by the icons of Jagannath. Dolayatra takes place in the celebration. 

Holi Celebration in Odisha

Deities perform Dola Malena in villages and deities are offered bhoga and prasad. People celebrate the festival by applying Abira to each other's feats. Abira is the colors developed from natural ingredients.

Holi Celebration in Goa

Holi is known as Ukkuli in the Konkani language in Goa. Holi celebration in Goa is a part of the long Sigmo festival. Sigmo is a spring festival in Goa. It is celebrated around the Konkani temple. 

Holi Celebration in Goa

During the Holi celebration, Holika Puja and Dahan take place while on Dhuleti they offer yellow or saffron colors to the deity. Dhuleti also known as Dhulvad, Dhuli Vandan and Haldune.

Holi Celebration in Jammu & Kashmir

In Jammu & Kashmir, the Holi celebration is related to and similar to the traditional Holi celebration. It is also the beginning of high spirited summer crop festival. 

The celebration includes dancing, singing, and throwing colors on each other.

Holi Celebration in Telangana

In Telangana, Holi is celebrated as the festival of Kamadeva. Holi is known here as  Kamavilas, Kama Dahanamand and Kaman Pandigai. 

Before a week of celebration, children collect rice, wood, corns, and money and on the night of Holi, they put all the wood together to set fire and celebrates the festival of Holi.

Holi Celebration in Karnataka

Like Telangana, in Karnataka, children collect money, rice, wood, and corns before a week, and on the night of Kamadahana, they set the fire of wood collected. 

The Festival lasts for 2 days. In North Karnataka, people create special food for celebrations. In Sirsi, part of Karnataka, Holi is celebrated with a special dance. The dance is known as Bedara Vesha.

Bedara Vesha is started before the five days of the festival celebration. The festival is celebrated every alternate year and has a large number of visitors and tourists for this celebration visits.

Holi Celebration in Assam

Holi is known as Phakuwa in Assam. In the local language, it is known as Dol Jatra. In Assam, the Holi celebration lasts for two days. 

On the first day of the celebration, clay huts burning program occurs. While on the second day of the celebration, people play Holi with color powders. People also song Krishna songs in the chorus for the celebration.

Holi Celebration in West Bengal

In West Bengal, the festival of Holi is known by various names like Dol Purnima, Dol Jatra, and Swing Festival. During the celebration, icons of Radha and Krishna are placed in the decorated palkhis.

On the day of Dol Purnima, students dressed up in saffron-colored clothes or pure white clothes. They sing and dance and play musical instruments. Musical instruments include Veena, Ektara, and dubri.

Devotees take turns and swing palkhis. Women sing and dance around palkhis and man throws colored water on them.

Conclusion: This was the glimpse of the Holi celebration in various parts of India and a knowledge-sharing post about how Holi is celebrated in India. You can also check Holi Celebration in various countries of the world.

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